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August 31, 2006


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Oh my goodness. What happened to her? I dont think plastic surgery can yield such a result. Cindy Crawford's cosmetic surgery sure didnt look like this.

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*The person who thinks himself is happy can enjoy happiness!

Jody Watley

This photo is out of context from the artwork and photography in the booklet from the 2006 music release "The Makeover". It was NOT a publicity attempt. The photo (with special effects make-up) was inspired by a layout I'd seen in Italian VOGUE featuring Linda Evangelista titled "Makeover Madness" July 2005 photographed by Steven Meisel. It was a take on a 'forever young youth obsessed' culture.


another so called journalist that puts fat fingers to keyboard without first doing any kind of research at all... and jody didn't just HAVE a song in the 80's... she was a huge r%b star.... apparently much better and more successful in her field... than you are in yours...

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