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September 21, 2006


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That is a bit unfair, the pic of the woman in the photo you show is NOT frowning; her face is simply relaxed. Her forehead has the same lines when she is smiling.


you miss the point. smiling in the post ops and frowning in the pre op photos in every example on the website is indicative of coaching. the patients should have the same expression (repose) in both pictures for truly objective evaluation.


Well not a lot is fair(or true) about the LifeStyle Lift. From their hokey TV commercials that show impossible photoshopped pics, to their claim that it is a Smas lift.


Actually, the before/after pics are not photoshopped. If you have ever used photoshop you would be able to tell that. And yes, it is a SMAS facelift, if you even know what that means. SMAS refers to the specific facial muscles that are lifted during the procedure using tiny permanent sutures.


The lifestyle lift can be considered a SMAS lift, but there is a difference between a SMAS plication and a SMASectomy or deep-plane, which repositions the SMAS rather than just cinching it with some stitches which may or may not 'cheesewire'.
I think the biggest shortcoming of the lifestyle lift is in its business practices and 'McDonaldization' of surgery.


I just watched a LSL surgery on youtube, they did in fact do a SMASectomy.

mary torres

I gave LLL $570. and waited for their care credit card. they sent to my old address i had 2 years before. i tried repeatedly to contact the consultant in phoenix for weeks to tell her my concern. She finally called after several weeks and said I could use their Dr??? credit company. nothing was ever sent. so I told her i wanted to cancel everything. my lawyer sent them a letter. they just ignore it. my next step is using a magnet advertising on my car and blogging. beware.


I had the LSL, eye lift and neck lift. It did all they said it would do. I am very happy with the result. I am 63 years old and can now wear my beautiful necklaces without feeling self conscious.

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Does anyone have a round about figure of what they paid for LSL??? I need the neck life and lazer etc. Just wondering before I go in for consult.Thanks for the help and info..

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