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July 02, 2007


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Nice. DIY plastic surgery? This is the second post I've seen today! And the other one wasn't meant to be satirical. Either way you look at it, though - seriously or satirically - DIY plastic surgery is a problem. I understand that some people desperately want to look and live better lives, and I know that since I work with a breast augmentation surgeon in Indiana, some will say I have a vested interested in people seeing plastic surgeons... but, look, we're talking surgery! Oh, and I'm not a surgeon. I tried to cut my hair once, and it looked so bad, that I felt horrible until it grew back. Unfortunately, with surgery, it doesn't always grow back, and it doesn't just look bad, but it can kill you! Save some money, ask about installments, considering financing... just don't take your looks or your life into your own hands with DIY surgery. You won't like the outcome.

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by: sphin


that's nasty.

Chicago liposuction

What a nasty thing that is! I don't give a second thought to performing liposuction at home by yourself. It is a major surgery and has to be done by experts.


You can be a great plastic surgeon and still die giving yourself lipo... it happened tonight in Illinois.

Liposuction Prices

I would never do this! The prices for liposuction aren't so high not to afford to go to a doctor!

liposuction Philippines

What a try! this is really dangerous in real life.


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