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August 08, 2007


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Hey, I work with a plastic surgeon who performs face lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), etc. and all I can say is Mr. Norris looks great! How old is he? 35? Looks like it to me, if that even. Not only is the guy the most amazing fighter (peace keeper really) of all time, PERIOD, but he's also it's most staggeringly beautiful. I mean, did anyone ever land a bunch on the guy? No, of course not, you fool! He's Chuck… I mean, Mr. Norris.

Who cares

Chuck Norris is 67 years old. He was born in 1940.


He looks okay.....I wish he'd get himself a better hairpiece.

louis marchini

good for chuck. he looks about 37years old and is probably in better shape than most 27 yrs. old. chuck is an inspiration for everyone younger or older who just let themselves go physically.age is simply a number and chuck kicks out that message loud and clear.

Eyelid Surgery Philadelphia

It pays to have an experienced surgeon do the procedure and council you on what needs to be done to your face. Otherwise, you end up with a face that really isn't what you wanted. Then if you use an inexperienced doctor, you run a greater risk of things like infection, asymmetry, and other complications. Basically, go to a good doctor it you're going to fix your face.

upper eyelid surgery

He really looks way to young, good for him, more texas ranger for the teen


idiots. so what if he looks good. it's friggin fake. you dolts. fake hair, fake teeth, fake surgery. fake. big deal. i am impressed by all natural young looking people. not people that resort to chuck norris fake phony vain pathetic activity.

Stranger in the crowd

@Rock, u mad or just a jealous?


u kidding! that's the worst eye surgery i've ever seen. and it makes him look a little stupid.
poor old chuck hey.

Lauri Hersh

Look at Chuck! Is he 67 years old? Well, plastic surgery can do a lot of things - one is making you look younger. I'm sure a great surgeon is behind all this. He certainly looks refreshed in this photo.

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